Creating a Commercial

Commercials are made to promote businesses, products, and services. Even though the commercial is only played for around 30 seconds, a lot of time and preparation go into the creation of these commercials. Months of production and a lot of money goes into making commercials.

The Basic Steps of Creating a Commercial

The Pitch – Before you can even begin working on creating a commercial, you must pitch the commercial to your colleagues and then to the customer who is wanting the commercial made. Delivering your pitch in a clear way is important to obtaining the job for making that commercial. Learning what products a client works with and what their company stands for is all important when creating an idea and pitching a commercial for that company.

Writing the Script – When writing the script for a commercial you want to focus on the message you are trying to get across. Timing the commercial out perfectly is also crucial to the process of creating commercials. Use a storyboard to give your client a visual representation of what their commercial is going to look like.

Begin Creating the Commercial – Hire the talent for your commercial and schedule a shoot by booking the location and equipment needed to create the commercial. Make sure you have all of the shots you need for the commercial to go into the post-production process.

Post-Production – After you get done shooting the commercial, put it in the post-production process by hiring a film editor to make sure your commercial is ready to be viewed by consumers. (

Client Reviews – Although the client will be reviewing your process with their commercial all through these steps, the final client review is needed to get the commercial out there because the client must sign off on it and feel confident with the commercial that was created. (

Animated Commercials

One of the biggest commercial trends out there is animated commercials, the reasoning behind this is because the commercials are entertaining to the targeted audience. Many people say they prefer not to watch or listen to commercials that are just ordinary promotions. Some of the benefits of animated commercials include:

Better Marketing – Ads that are animated have better results in attracting audiences, being talked about, and increases the audiences loyalty to the company.

Cost-Effective – There is no need to rent a location to shoot a video or hire many artists, so animated commercials can be less costly than live-action commercials.

Helps You Stand Out – People are more prone to understanding the message you are trying to give them and pay attention to an animated commercial because of it’s creativeness.(

As you can see, there is more to video production than just recording a video and playing it. The three steps of video production: pre-production, production, and post-production are crucial to the process. You want your video project to go smoothly so the video production process is important to make sure that the commercial is going to be effective to the product, service or business that you are promoting.The video production process is also important to ensure that the ending result is a dependable way to get the attention of the audience you are targeting.